Kick Fever Fitness – Being Hard On Ourselves

When we are hard on ourselves, we send our bodies the message that we are not good enough. One of the key components of human consciousness that most of us need to address and change is our tendency to be hard on ourselves. We do this in ways that are both overt and subtle, and […]

Kick Fever Fitness – More Kindness Always

Being fully present in each moment of your life facilitates kindness, as it increases your awareness of the people around you. In the quest to create a gentler, more loving world, kindness is the easiest tool we can use. Though it is easy to overlook opportunities to be kind, our lives are replete with situations […]

Kick Fever Fitness – Five Minutes to Happiness

If you aren’t a naturally happy person, take time each day to cultivate that which brings you happiness. It can be so easy to get caught up in the rigors of modern life that we tend to forget that happiness need not come with stipulations. Happiness becomes something we must schedule and strive for — […]