Carol is a motivating person with alot of dedicated followers

My years of study under Carol’s leadership has led me on a path to fitness, self-confidence, and awareness of the goings on around me at all times. I have developed good relationships with my classmates who show the same dedication as I. Many have been long term students.

I value Carol as an instructor. She knows her stuff. She is amazingly self-disciplined and shows us how to be as well. She goes over various moves over and over again until we get them exactly the way they should be. She always makes us take all moves seriously reminding us that we have to be the last one standing.

She is an impressive, motivating person with alot of dedicated followers.

Jade Sutton

Carol not only” kicks your butt” but she also teaches you how to defend it.
I have been coming to Carol’s classes on and off since 2007 and I have NEVER received the kind of training she gives.It is very intense and you leave asking yourself “what did I just get myself into?” However, you continue to come and you build not only muscle, but also confidence. Carol not only” kicks your butt” but she also teaches you how to defend it. Last year I was involved in an altercation and it was the training that I received with Carol that I used to ward off my attacker. I tell everyone I know about her and how she’s a pint sized brick house, but I adore and admire her and thank her for her skills and for sharing them.


Kick Fever Kick Boxing is a powerful workout that transforms your body!
Kick Fever Kick Boxing is a powerful workout that transforms your body and nourishes your mind. Carol is a focused teacher who is a shining example of putting your health and yourself first. Through hard work, repetitions and some tough love the women of the class emerge physically stronger inspired to walk in the world with confidence. With safety as the priority, the class teaches how to protect yourself and toning your body is the end result of the process. I love Carol, the workout and the energy I get by being part of the Kick Fever Kick Boxing movement.

Belinda C. from Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

Carol provides rigorous, intensive exercise!
I have been attending Carol Glasgow’s kickboxing classes for close to five years now, and am a devoted fan! Carol provides rigorous, intensive exercise – not just an aerobic workout, but real self-defense and boxing practice. Each class is different, but each provides a mix of warmup exercises, kickboxing exercises, and routines that is never boring. Equally important, classes takes place in a serious but very welcoming atmosphere. Participants vary widely in background and age, but all are made to feel comfortable, especially as it’s clear that everyone is there to work out, not to show off. I have taken many different types of classes over the years, and Carol’s is one of my very favorites – largely attributable to her own personality and teaching abilities.

Liberty A.

Carol wants her students to be the best they can be.
“Kick Fever kick boxing classes get you in fantastic shape and empower
you at the same time. As a teacher, Carol embodies tough love — she
demands hard work because she wants all of her students to be the best
they can be.”


Carol is an amazing and dedicated instructor!
“Carol is an amazing and dedicated instructor. Her passion, attention to detail and amazing technique will keep you motivated and get you physically fit. Her classes have given me a new awareness of how my body works and what it can do. You will definitely strengthen and tone your body as well as walk with a new level of confidence that comes from taking her classes.”

Chanda Hill

I love it!!The class is intense but fun!
I have been taking Carol’s Kick Fever Kick Boxing Classes for 7 months now…and I love it!!The class is intense but fun. It is probably one of the best workout I ever had. Carol is a great instructor–she takes the time to focus on my weaknesses and builds them into strengths, and she has great patience to work with you until you can manage the moves. I love the confidence that the classes give me, as well as the flexibility and strength. Make no mistake about it, this class is hardcore…but a fantastic workout!!
Chanda Hill-

Dean in the UK

Your training sessions are very informative!
Great website and your mpegs of your training sessions are very informative, I like your knife work and the self defence scenario. The UK has lost out on a great Hapkido instructor, good luck for the future.
Dean Yates
1st Dan Shotokan Karate
1st Dan Authentic Hapkido
Cannock Chase Hapkido UK

Professor Cleveland Robinson

Best of luck!
I really enjoy your website and congratulate you on your journey into martial arts. I watch you train on several occasions when I visited Sabumnim Herbert. Best of luck on your many endeavors.

Holly Kozak

Love the site!
great website, Carol.


Carol, You are the BEST!
So far I’ve taken 3 of Carol’s Kick boxing cardio classes and I must say I haven’t felt this good and energized since High School. I recommend it for anyone who wants to feel alive again. I must admit Simon and I were in pain after the very first lesson but my body has now adjusted and I’m ready for more. Carol you are an excellent teacher and an all around beautiful person. Thanks for seeing my potential and staying on top of me. -Janelle

Simon Templer

Great Class !
Dear Sensai Carol, It was a great eye-opening class for me and my Queen.. The work out alone reminded me that I’m turning 41 and not 21 anymore.. But, I will be coming back 1 – 2 times a month before my Akido/Jiu-jitsu class. Thanks from Simon Templer of 107.9FM (www.flavastation.com) Monday – Friday 3 – 6pm..
oklyn Private self defense classes in NYC

A Dean

Next Stop: DVD’s?
Can’t help but suspect you’re planning an online store! Your presentation and message are powerful! (Awful Confession: I’ve visited your site twice just to view the clip on your Home Page) Much Success to you! A. Dean


working with you
Raven signing in! It was a pleasure to work with you and I hope you really feel the value…tomorrow! It’s good when the trainer takes the time to get a little of what she gives. I can’t wait to hear how you blew out your tests!


Enjoyed the class yesterday – will be back
Hi Carol, I really enjoyed your class yesterday – you are no joke! My legs and abs hurt but I’m liking it. Thanks for the attention you gave – I look forward to getting better and dropping a few pounds (or stones as the Brits say)! Best to you! Pamela


Wow, what a workout!!
Carol really works the muscles you never thought existed. I look forward to my weekly kickboxing sessions. Even though I am totally out of shape, Carol pays close attention to me as she does with all the ladies in the class. It’s a tough workout, but it’s well worth it! Shaquanna

Dwayne Frection

Martial Arts
I’m really liking this website. Nice..

Eric Frazier

Hi Carol What a great way to keep fit and do entrepreneural activities as well. Best wishes! Eric Frazier .

Pata Tropp

Hot stuff Carol! Keep up the good work and keep kickin butt!

Jill H .

Thanks for sharing
This is awesome Carol! The best of luck to you. You will probably see me in your studio, after my triathlon training.

Phillip Hammond

Great looking Website
Carol the website looks awesome, the video of you on the homepage looks great, good luck with everything. : ) Phill

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