Kick Fever Fitness – Boost Your Fitness Level During the Workday

If you want to be better at your job, you should get out more – out to the gym, that is. Your on-the-job performance depends more on your level of physical activity than you might think.
Studies have shown that employees who get a little on-the-job exercise are more productive during the workday, increasing output by as much as 15%.

Just 45 minutes of exercise done during the workday can produce this phenomenon, so don’t be afraid to work up a bit of a sweat during your lunch break.

If your work doesn’t have an on-site fitness center, you should inquire about getting one. Or, if all else fails, a nice long walk would work just fine.

If you crave a social outing during your break, gather some co-workers together and hit the local batting cages or toss around a softball at the park.

Boosting your circulation means more blood travels to the brain, delivering more oxygen and nutrients to this vital organ, which helps you stay alert and be more energized throughout the rest of the day.

Plus, it wouldn’t hurt your “bottom” line to dive into a friendly game of hoops rather than a pizza every “Casual Friday.”