Kick Fever Fitness – Smart Fitness Reminders

Can’t find the time to work out? Here’s a smart tip to help ignite your daily fitness routine: Put exercise reminders in places where you’re sure to see them.

Lay your workout clothes on the bed so that it’s easy to slip ‘em on when you come home from work. Plop your big exercise ball in the middle of the TV room so you can crunch while watching your favorite prime-time show. And those dumbbells that are buried in your closet: Relocate them to an end table or next to a potted plant, and every time you walk by them, do a few curls.

Most importantly, place post-it notes on the fridge with workout reminders. A friendly note with “30 minutes of cardio today” or “Do leg exercises tonight after dinner” will make you think twice about gobbling down a pint of ice cream. One last tip: Place your sneakers by your front door to motivate you to walk or jog a few times a week.