Kick Fever Fitness – Best tips for someone who wants to work out more in 2018

The most important tip is to find a workout that you love — one that you’re excited to go to. And do it with a group of friends. That’s one of the reasons that the Cardio Kick Boxing Class is so effective. You’re learning the skills, but you’re also getting more comfortable with your body. You’re not just spinning your wheels and burning calories. You’re having a good time, which is important if you’re spending time and money. Make it a scheduled activity on your calendar so you can hold yourself accountable. 

How can you keep yourself motivated to meet your workout goals?

Don’t think about it. You know you have to wake up in the morning to work out, so just do it. Make yourself a great playlist and put your workout clothes next to your bed, so in the morning you know you’re going to get up, grab your stuff and get out of there. Make it really easy for yourself. You’re going to do it. You have to begin with that mindset the night before so you’re really making that commitment.

Another thing is to set up rewards for yourself after your workout — whether it’s a Chai tea latte or $20 in a jar to go toward your next piece of workout apparel.

What else do you do to maintain balance and lead a healthy life?

Workouts are more about stress relief and having more energy to do the things you need to do. That’s a much healthier way of approaching exercise. All of those other things will come if you commit to it. It really is about being a happy person. When you spend that time on yourself for yourself, it makes you a better person to the people around you.