Kick Fever Fitness – Praying for Strong Biceps?

I ’m a devoted exercise guru, so it’s no surprise that I believe in the church of fitness. Sure, a vigorous workout will burn calories and create lean muscle, but it can also clear your mind and lift your spirits. That’s because exercise causes your body to release chemicals called endorphins, which warm you with […]

Kick Fever Fitness – How to Lose Fat When You Wake Up

Engaging in sunrise exercise is sometimes the only way to fit in a calorie-burning session, especially if you have an evening filled with social plans or are just too tired after work. Although dragging yourself out of a nice warm bed at 6 a.m. is easier said than done, working out first thing in the […]

Kick Fever Fitness – 7 Simple Food Swaps for 2017

Small changes to your diet could make a big difference to your brain health. Good nutrition is essential to optimal brain function. Research has found that certain plant compounds, amino acids, vitamins and minerals found in food can help strengthen memory, regulate emotions and control blood sugar. These everyday food switches could benefit your body, […]

Kick Fever Fitness – Change Your Exercise Perspective

Do you throw in the towel after missing just one day of your well-planned-out exercise routine? If so, you may be approaching exercise all wrong. Chances are you’re one of the millions of people looking for a quick fix – something that’s both unhealthy and unrealistic. It doesn’t make sense to think that you can […]

Kick Fever Fitness – It’s OK to Be Picky

Oversized goals lead to undersized results. You dreamed about losing weight and showing off a teeny bikini at the beach, but because you didn’t have a clear-cut plan, you’re hiding behind oversized T-shirts at the water’s edge. Wanting to be bathing-suit ready is an attainable goal, but if you don’t figure out exactly what it […]

Kick Fever Fitness – One Diet Blunder Is OK

I know how discouraging it can feel after you lose control and make a dieting mistake. “I’ve already blown it today, so I might as well give up.” But you can’t let it weigh you down, or you’ll never lose the weight! In fact, you’ve never blown it until you’ve given up altogether. One overeating […]

Kick Fever Fitness – Get Smart About Your Scale

Daily weigh-ins aren’t such a bad thing if they help you recognize how your weight naturally fluctuates throughout the day. Your weight can change in response to everything from what you eat and drink to whether or not your bladder and bowels are empty. Putting these weight fluctuations into perspective can help you avoid freaking […]

Kick Fever Fitness – Forget the Quick Fix

Many people drop their exercise routines before they ever get to experience weight loss. Some exercisers set their expectations too high and go all out in the beginning, then fail to keep up with the unrealistic demands of their WAM-BAM plan. If you’re part of the “Too Much Too Soon” club, listen up… Don’t overload […]