Kick Fever Fitness – Are You Ready to Make a Change?

Making lifestyle changes isn’t accomplished by forcing yourself to want it enough; it’s achieved by being honest about which stage you’re at in terms of being ready to make a change. According to the Transtheoretical model, there are five stages of change, each of which can help you better understand your willingness – or unwillingness […]

Kick Fever Fitness – Slim Down With Power Quotes

I love inspirational quotes. There’s nothing like the perfect quote at the right moment to motivate me to eat right and stick to my fitness routines. That’s why I suggest you create a small stack of mini flash cards with “power quotes” on them. That way, no matter where you find yourself, you can always pull […]

Kick Fever Fitness – Sleep Off the Extra Weight

When you get enough sleep, you wake up rested and ready for your day. But that’s not the only reason to get adequate sleep. Research has found that getting too few zzz’s may be a major reason why so many of us overeat and end up overweight. When you don’t get enough sleep, it’s more […]

Kick Fever Fitness – Fuel Up to Prevent Post-Workout Hunger

You may notice that your appetite is suppressed after a workout. As you exert yourself, your core temperature rises, suppressing your hunger signals. Most people don’t feel hungry again until their core temperature returns to normal. But for some exercisers, post-workout hunger can be so overwhelming that they end up overeating and undoing the good […]

Kick Fever Fitness – Praying for Strong Biceps?

I ’m a devoted exercise guru, so it’s no surprise that I believe in the church of fitness. Sure, a vigorous workout will burn calories and create lean muscle, but it can also clear your mind and lift your spirits. That’s because exercise causes your body to release chemicals called endorphins, which warm you with […]