Kick Fever Fitness – Zoom Virtual Kickboxing Now in Session

 I will be starting classes twice a week every Tuesday at 6 pm and Saturday’s at 12 pm. $10 per class payable via Venmo, Cashapp or Zelle.  If interested please email ( or so I can send the invite I know we are in the most difficult times with social distancing and some of us […]

Kick Fever Fitness – 30 Best Foods for All-Day Energy

If you can barely keep your eyes open during the workday or have a tough time making it through that dreaded afternoon slump, it might me time to rethink your diet. Instead of popping open a sugary, belly-fattening energy drink or pouring yet another cup of coffee, load up on these nutrient-rich, energy-sustaining foods to […]

Kick Fever Fitness – 20 Tips About Cutting Sugar From Your Diet

Added sugars are ubiquitous in many of our pantry staples because manufacturers stir in the sweet stuff to make their products taste better and increase their shelf life. However, consuming too much sugar has been linked to a higher risk of developing multiple ailments, including heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and fatty liver disease, according to Harvard Health. […]

Kick Fever Fitness – Smart Fitness Reminders

Can’t find the time to work out? Here’s a smart tip to help ignite your daily fitness routine: Put exercise reminders in places where you’re sure to see them. Lay your workout clothes on the bed so that it’s easy to slip ‘em on when you come home from work. Plop your big exercise ball […]